بهینه سازی وبسایت چه کاربردی دارد

بهینه سازی وبسایت چه کاربردی دارد

بهینه سازی وبسایت چه کاربردی دارد

To explain what SEO is, we will briefly and clearly discuss terms, how it works and how it works. SEO is an English acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The equivalent in English is - Search Engine Optimization. Let’s start from the beginning SEO is the process of customizing a website to the standards of Google (or other search engines).


Google has developed these standards to learn 2 things:

    what your site is about;
    which site in your niche (area) is more convenient and useful to your visitors;

what_ is_seo

Therefore, in order for Google to properly understand what your site is about, and for your site to be superior to its competitors, there are 4 steps:

    Keyword * analysis.

* Keywords are the word or phrase that you enter into Google search.

SEO tools find out all the keywords in your area and rank them in order of importance (priority).

    Internal SEO.

Internal optimization involves managing the technical part, structure and content of the site.

Manage things like site speed, mobile version, photos, texts and more, which you can learn more about here:

Internal SEO: The components of a perfectly optimized page

Through internal optimization, Google is realizing that your site is more user-friendly. Therefore, you gain an advantage over your competitors.

    Outsourced SEO.

External optimization increases the website is awareness on the Internet.

To learn more about this step, read:

Outsourced SEO: What is it and how do I do it myself?

As your site becomes more known, Google is realizing that people are talking about you and recommending it to other people.

External optimization is done in the final step.

    Competitor analysis.

Competitors ’internal and external SEO are analyzed. Used their advantages to improve your website.
SEO vs. Google Ads (AdWords)

SEO is often in competition with Google Ads (AdWords) advertising. Therefore, we make the key differences:

SEO is focused on a long-term sales strategy, as results can only be felt after 5 months or more.

Google Ads advertising can be launched on the same day and immediately generate sales.

However, you will only be able to use this promotion as long as you make money. In the meantime, with SEO, you can have a long-term result with the keywords you want, without paying more money.
It is recommended to use SEO and Google Ads simultaneously to maximize the use of Google search to attract potential customers.
SEO is one of the marketing tools that allows:

    Increase brand awareness and sales.
    Increase traffic.
    Keep track of how many people come to your site from search.
    Keep track of what pages visitors visit on your site.
    Track how much time visitors spend on a web page.
    Track which device users are using when browsing a site.
    Track consumer demographics.
    Use the collected information about the users of the website for other advertising means.

Top 6 Search Engines in the World:

    Yandex (especially used in Russia).
    Baidu (especially used in China).

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